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Jun 9, 2020

Mock Turtleneck, Human Vocals, Proto-Hippie Ethos, Killed By Glee, Carnitas, Hard Thumbing, No Pastiche, Manual Of Errors, Clear Intentions, Cecil Fortner, Privacy Settings, Weet Smeet, On Fire, Candy Apple Red, Vinyls Fan Fiction, Lack Of Electricity

May 5, 2020

Double Stab, Election Cycle, Jeff Porcaro, Stepper Bones, Drinking Game, Running Or Rain, Name Acts, Ism Perils, Bobby Caldwell's Fedora, Black Mario Kart, Time Travel, Checks Payable To Eric Gale, Studio Wardrobe, Sliding Definitions

Apr 6, 2020

Fifth World, Multiple Sams, CD Baby Genre Tags, Irish Wristwatch, Post-Classical, Mercury Retrograde, Modern Morass, Vampire Music, Weird Canada, Rural Balearic, Shock G On The Resume, Crate Citations, Return To Melody

Mar 16, 2020

Nostalgia, Vacation Taxi, Meditation Inc., Jacked Sitars, Sentiment, Zero Jazz, Tom & Jerry Ayahuasca Ceremony, Suzuki Method, Romance, Black Tourmaline, Fake Tevas, Ebb And Flow, Small Hotels, Glissando Reveries

Dec 14, 2019

Chicago City Map, Stained Memories, Optics, Bing Crosby, Colorado Room, No Answers, Hostgator, Blood Pecans, Ruined Playlists, Ford Focus, Slap, Rare Paramount, Alcohol Music, Music Box Seats, Webster's, Ashamed Listening